How the musical spirit of Edouard Andre Reny stole his thunder...

Chill Out Music Volume 1

"A World of Electro", AKA "Chill-out Music Volume 1" is a musical paradise for all those that enjoy soft club music, like Buddha bar and Cafe del mar.

New Album!

“A World of Electro”, AKA “Chill-out Music Volume 1” is a musical paradise for all those that enjoy soft club music, like Buddha bar and Cafe Del Mar.

The album will be out soon as digital download, and physical CD. We will update this description when these are available.

In the meantime, you can license these music tracks for your videos. Link to the licensing a page is available in the track list below (For this publishers, Edouard Andre Reny uses a pseudonym: Edward Keys).

***** TRACK LIST ******

— A World of Electro —

Stunning piece of ambient-electro where an electric guitar meets a dynamic D&B thump and travels a dream world. Multiple inspiring electro & acoustic episodes with hypnotic and hip-hop vocals.

Music Styles: ambient, lounge, guitar, hiphop, dance, club, Buddha Bar, psychedelic, electro, electronic music

Licence Page (Track name is “Synchronized” with this publisher)


— Ethereal Spirits —

Transport your viewers with this inspiring ethereal track. In choruses, spacey guitars, sliding bass, dreamy pianos & synths are guided by a hypnotizing beat. Verses have a lounge-like feel with jazz lite guitar & e-piano solos.

Music Styles: ambient, lounge, electro, relaxing music

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— Moonlight —

Peaceful ethnic lounge music. Melodic and calm, this restful and modern sounding piece is based on tabla, piano and a syncopated bass / drum beat.

Music Styles: ambient, world music, peaceful music, relaxing, meditation music, ethnic, tabla, lounge, chill-out, mindfulness

License Page (track name is “The Lounge” with this publisher.)


— Jazz it up —

Smoky yet dynamic New Orleans Jazzy atmosphere. Double bass, piano & percs enter, driven by a warm brass section. After an e-piano solo and a chorus, the calm e-guitar bridge rises to a drums driven end chorus.

Ideal as main theme for series, talk shows, documentaries & commercials.

Music Styles: Jazz, Smokey music, ambient, lounge, ambiance, bar, Jazzclub, blues

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— Ambient Spirit —

Smooth and pleasant ambient music atmosphere. Light electro beat punctuated by clean guitars, dream pianos and echoic synths.

Ideal for documentaries, travel videos, television shows, reflective movie scenes and inspirational videos.

Music Styles: electro, background music, calming music, calm, relaxing music, meditation, inspirational, corporate, lounge, chill-out

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— Buddha Bar Blues —

Background lounge music with a touch of jazz. the catchy main melodies are handled by saxophones supported by piano, double bass, electric organ, bright brasses, a kick and a discrete electric guitar…

Ideal for bar, lounge and hotel atmospheres, corporate videos, and infomercials.

Music Styles: Chillout, Background Music, Jazzy, relaxing music, warm, lounge music

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— Ambient lounge —

Relax in the warm ambiance this piece provides! Light electro beat punctuated by dreamy guitars and pianos, smooth synths sounds and a sax.

Very soothing, it is an ideal background for documentaries, corporate and training videos, reflective movie scenes and inspirational or promotional videos.

Music Styles: ambient, background music, inspirational, saxophone, meditation music, lounge, positive, relaxing, dreamy music, easy listening

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— Ambient Inspiration —

Beautiful echoic electric guitars, spacey synth and piano melodies, draped with a deep bass and electro beat, provide a smooth and pleasant ambient music atmosphere.

Ideal background for documentaries, travel videos, television shows, presentations and inspirational or promotional videos

Music Styles: ambient, background music, inspirational, motivational, lounge, positive, relaxing, uplifting music

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— Dim The Light (Instrumental) —

Moving electro pop tune: deep dive into a dark atmosphere blending passion, love, jealousy and the intimacy of a bed room.

For Sitcoms, teen-age stories, romantic movies and series

Music Styles: electro, dramatic, emotional music, romantic, love, emo, lounge, trance, electronic, chill-out music

License page (Track name is “Dramatic Lights” with this publisher) 

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